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Mis-sold Car Finance. The New PPI? FREE Claim Checker. Thousands To Be Reclaimed.


Did you take out a finance agreement on a new or used car between 2008 and 2021?

If so, it could have been mis-sold, and here’s why!

Until 2021 car dealerships and their finance partners used a system called “Discretionary Commission Arrangements”.

Whilst bank interest rates have been at an historic all-time low, lenders inflated loan interest rates which in turn encouraged higher sales commissions for car dealers.

Quite simply, you probably paid too much on your finance agreement and could be entitled to significant compensation.

So how big is this scandal, and will it be as big as PPI?

The Financial Regulator has estimated that commission was paid on up to 95% of UK car finance agreements, and with around two million agreements signed in the UK every year, it will certainly run into billions of pounds.

Compensation could be as much as £2,000 or more per claim.

If you weren’t told the exact amount of commission you paid on your agreement, you need to make a claim right now.

This is where Claimline Legal is here to help you. For over 14 years we’ve been champions in the world of personal financial claims and are now representing clients with mis-sold car finance.

Claimline Legal is a modern, UK-based, customer-driven business that will always put your needs first. Over the years we’ve helped thousands of clients and reclaimed millions in financial compensation.

If you took out a hire purchase or PCP agreement for a new or used car between 2008 and 2021, let us find out if your agreement was mis-sold.

It’s a free 100% no obligation review.

And if you don’t have the paperwork, don’t worry, we can recover that for you.

Call us now on 0800 779 7457 or visit our website for more information and how to make your hassle-free claim online.

Call now 0800 779 7457.

Claimline Legal. Fighting for your financial rights.

Claimline Legal UK Ltd is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority is respect of regulated Claims Management Activities. Registration FRN838320. Our registration can be found at You do not need to use a CMC to make your claim to any financial organization or industry Regulator. You can make your claim yourself free of charge.


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