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  • How has this come about?
    Put simply. Discretionary Commission Arrangements. Discretionary Commission Arrangements in the UK motor finance industry refer to a specific commission structure where car dealers or brokers have the ability to determine the interest rate on a customer’s finance agreement. This means they can decide how much interest a customer is charged when paying off the loan on their new car. ​ Unlike with other loans, this rate is not static but varies based on several factors, mainly at the dealer’s discretion. The main principle behind this arrangement is the ‘discretion’ exercised by the dealer, which can influence the final cost to the consumer. What this means in practice, is that a dealer can increase the interest on a loan and pocket the difference as commission.
  • What happens to the information I submit?
    The information you submit will be assessed by us to determine if your have a valid claim. We will then contact you to discuss your options. Once a plan of action has been agreed we will pass your details onto the appropriate qualified persons/organisation to conduct your claim. - No action will be taken without your prior approval - Your data will only be used for the purposes of this claim - Your data will not be sold on for marketing purposes - We are UK owned and UK based
  • How do I know if I have been mis-sold my car finance?
    The easiest way (although not always 100% clear) is to check your finance agreement. What was the standard interest rate at the time you purchased your vehicle? You may expect the loan rate to be slightly above this, but again it depends how much and did it vary during the course of the loan period?
  • How much can I expect to get back?
    There is no one rule fits all. Every case is different. The Financial Conduct Authority is looking into the situation now and will publish its recommendations on how compensation should be paid soon. This could be returning interest only, the loan amount or both. The amount could run into £1000's for some people.
  • How much are your fees?
    The initial assessment of your claim nothing. Since 2002 our fees, like all other CMCs, are fixed by the FCA. We cannot charge you more than the fees published in our fee table shown in our Terms & Conditions. Fee bands are clearly shown depending upon the amount of redress you get. We work no win no fee* and no upfront fees.
  • Can I claim myself?
    Yes, you have every right to make the claim to the finance company or to any industry regulator yourself free of charge and do not need to use a CMC.
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